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McCrindle 2021 Year in Review

Hi, we're McCrindle.
An insights based advisory company.
And we exist to empower human flourishing.
Here's how we did it
in 2021
Insight filled keynotes and presentations, delivered to conferences and boardrooms.
(To help organisations and businesses understand the world around them)
Hours our insights team spent on client projects researching and delivering insights.
Surveys created to take the pulse of the nation.
(We frequently survey people across the globe. From Australia & NZ to the UK and Brazil to understand what they think about a range of topics.)
Amidst the chaos of the last year, we stayed focused on our clients and our team. By gathering research and insights to tell the story of the world around us, our team advised organisations in these rapidly changing times. Our desire is that through our work, whether it be client projects or our public research, we assist leaders and decision-makers in a world where the only constant is change.  

Mark McCrindle
Founder & Principal of McCrindle

We empowered human flourishing on a global scale

Advisory presentations in the
United States
Advisory and research projects in the
Virtual event attendees from

Our clients are at the center of what we do

What our clients are saying

“The insights generated will feed directly into our strategic plan. This will benefit our whole School community over the next few years.”

Clare Joansen

St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School

"The McCrindle Reports conducted on all present school sites and the planned expansion sites provided what was needed: confidence in decision making."

Dean Bennetts

Adventist Schools North NSW

"Provided valuable insights from a social research perspective, particularly in regard to Australians' attitudes towards immigration and border closures. Mark's presentation was clearly articulated and very well."

Alexander Tindale

NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

"Mark's presentation was insightful and encouraged discussion amongst the Executive Management Committee to help shape the People & Culture direction towards 2030.”

Nam Luong


“Our ambitious campaign set high expectations but McCrindle’s research delivered in spades, and it was a very positive experience for all involved.”

Goodman Fielder

“From our initial briefing through to execution, McCrindle leant on their expertise to deliver excellent research insights. Their ability to capture these insights and present them in an engaging and digestible report was also a huge bonus.“

The Works Agency

We had 2,635 registrations to the 6 events we hosted with people joining us from across the globe.

January 29th
February 25th
May 20th
June 3rd
August 19th
October 21st

Our insight reports were downloaded 9,141 times

Sustaining team culture during a lockdown

2021 was a big year for our team. We grew, delivered insights, celebrated lots of wins and had the challenges of working from home.
Days spent working from home
Team days through the year, even with lockdowns
Upskills for our teams' ongoing learning
we delivered
projects in Perth

We published a book

In addition to our usual work of delivering insights through keynotes and research projects. We also published a book on Generation Alpha, the newest generation (born between 2010-2024).
Not only did we publish a book, our team also read lots…

Top 3 recommendations from the team

Good to Great
Radical Candor
Atomic Habits

We launched a podcast!

and counting...
with listeners from
Australia, the U.S
and U.K

We ate cake

Why all the cake?
At McCrindle, we love to celebrate our team, projects and work that empower human flourishing. And cake is a nice way of doing that.
A great example of this is our work with ACC Marsden Park. A high school in Sydney that secured $5mil in funding using McCrindle's research to secure the grant they needed.
“McCrindle were really important, not just in winning the grant but also in the PR that came after. The research not only gave us confidence but supported our position and strategy in a really strong way.”
‍Business Development Manager ACC Marsden Park
2021 was a great year for us, and a big thank you to everyone that we worked with. We hope our insights were helpful to you in your leadership and decision making, and we look forward to doing it again in 2022.
The McCrindle team